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Small animal services

There for your pets at any time of the day

Keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe

At Churchfield Vets it is our aim to help you keep your pets in the best health possible.

  • We offer a wide range of services and sound advice to ensure that your pet is rewarded with a long and fulfilling life.
  • Churchfield Veterinary Centre provides year-round 24/7 care. Check out our Out of Hours page.
  • Microchipping

  • Pet products, foods and pharmaceuticals

  • Health check-ups

    Regular check-ups are essential, even if your pet appears to be in good health. Spotting problems early will save your pet later stress and pain, and will significantly lower any vet bills you may later incur due to ill health or injury.

  • Animal Health Certificate

    We guide you through the process required to obtain your Animal Health Certificate (AHC), which will be required for your pet to leave, and re-enter, the UK. The animal must be microchipped, and be vaccinated against a number of diseases, including rabies.

  • Vaccinations

    Cats, dogs and rabbits in particular are susceptible to a range of diseases. We tailor treatment to your pet's age and lifestyle, and offer additional vaccinations should you be travelling abroad.

  • Treatment for cats, dogs, rabbits and small animals

    We provide many other services for animals, from worming and defleaing to emergency operations.

  • Kitten Primary Vaccinations
  • Puppy Primary Vaccinations

Kitten Primary Vaccinations

We are offering full kitten vaccinations including Leukemia for £65.00.

This includes:

  • Full health check with a vet
  • 2 injections (3 weeks apart)
  • 4 weeks FREE pet insurance (contact-us for more details)

Puppy Primary Vaccinations

We are offering full puppy vaccination from £60.00.

This includes:

  • Full health check with a vet
  • 2 injections (2 - 4 weeks apart)
  • FREE worming dose
  • FREE flea treatment

We recommend that all dogs are also protected against Kennel Cough and we are offering this vaccination at a reduced price of £20 if it is done at the same time as the primary course.

Pet Health Plans

Pet Health Plans

Save money on your cat, dog or rabbit’s preventative healthcare.



Information on our best nutrition advice.



All you need to know about pet insurance.

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